What is an Investment Network?

The investment network is a transparent and reliable way to benefit from the financial markets. The platform helps investors to choose among the best brokers and traders on the network. The verifiable trade history of every trader is published on the blockchain. On the basis of the trade history the platform performs the statistical analysis and selects top traders to follow. The thorough selection of quality traders increases the profitable clients percentage over the levels observed at brokerage houses currently. The network also offers traders a possibility to build a verifiable track record and sell their trading expertise to clients over the network.  
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STAINETT is a fintech software startup focused on providing high end financial services formerly reserved only to HNW individuals. Our vision is to provide the middle class with access to a blockchain based social network designed for trading financial assets.

STAINETT stands for the Social Trading and Artificial Intelligence Network

The Stainett App APPS

Once you’ve entered into our social trading ecosystem, you can follow expert traders and start trading. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global marketplace.

Open protocol decentralized blockchain based system. It is used to store track records of trading strategies.


Dedicated P2P decentralized signaling network. This network connects traders with investors.


API connectivity to brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC venues.


Integration to multiple trading platforms (MetaTrader (MT4), Ninja Trader, TradeStation, TradingView, CTrader.)


Ability to integrate to any network

Intelligent asset allocation system using Deep Learning and Modern Portfolio Theory. Predicting asset returns based on historical data implementing Long/Short Term Memory Units. Pattern recognition and market sentiment analysis.


Multi-platform wallet solution including Linux, Windows and Apple, mobile application for Android and IOS, web based application.


Analysis of historical trades allowing to publish track records, evaluate strategies and keep track records of strategies on blockchain.





March 2018

Start of the STAINETT Network and Wallet Development.

June 2018

Blockchain PoC: Trading Platform Beta, Investor Relations, recruitment of advisers

June 2018

Launched of mobile Apps

August 2018

Preparation & Press Tour

October 2018

Start Fund Raise Round (1)

December 2018

Partnership for the future EcoSystem

January 2019

Our team set-up and commercial preparation

May 2019

Priority opening for Seed Investors

June 2019

Start Fund Raise Round (2)

October 2019

Blockchain usage announcement for global Network

December 2019

Operational Launch United States to general

Powered by a professional Team TEAM

The STAINETT Team combines an industry experise & proven record in finance, development, trading & marketing.



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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

STAINETT is a fintech software startup focused on providing high end financial services formerly reserved only to HNW individuals. Our vision is to provide the middle class with access to a blockchain based social network designed for trading financial crypto assets. STAINETT stands for the Social Trading and Artificial Intelligence Network.

The Stainett is a global company and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s up to investors to check locally whether or not they can invest. However, there are countries with local laws that have some restrictions.

When you choose to copy a trader, you will copy every position of that person, relative to the amount you copy the trader. If the investor has a total of €5000 invested in Stainett, and you copy that person with €500, you will copy all of his trades by factor 1/10. If that investor let's say, has €1000 invested in stock Z, and €1000 available in cash (on Stainett), and you copy that trader with €200, you will open a position of €100 in stock Z, and keep €100 in cash.

If you copy an open trade this means the value which you copy a trader with, is instantly used to buy the positions that the trader is holding open at that moment. You may decide not to select this option. In that case only the trader's new trades they will open from that point in time onwards, will be copied. The trader generally describes in their biography if they think you should copy open trades or not. In most occasions short-term traders generally recommend not to copy open trades, while long-term investors tend to recommend to copy open trades

Yes, there will be two types of KYC. For investors below 5,000 USD threshold, there will be a simple KYC process where personal information will need to be provided, such as first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, passport/national id number. For investors over 5,000 USD we will have a full version KYC process where an additional scan of the passport or national ID card will need to be provided.

The Know Your Client form is a standard procedure in the investment industry that makes sure that investment advisors know detailed information about their clients’ risk tolerance, investment knowledge and financial position. The other greater aim of KYC is also to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. KYC helps to ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, therefore the service provider cannot get into trouble with the regulators.

Here we aim to describe how to use the STAINETT wallet to gain enough cryptocurrency to travel the world and rest for your entire life. Using the STAINETT wallet is worth the time and effort. There are two main motivations for a customer to use the STAINETT wallet. The first is safe storage and the second is extra profit. If a customer uses the STAINETT wallet to store cryptocurrencies he can make a profit from their appreciation. If the customer uses the STAINETT wallet for active trading on signals he can multiply his profits and reduce risks. When a customer opens an STAINETT wallet he can do the “copy trading” by leveraging on the trading expertise of the successful traders who offer trading signals. He will need to deposit funds to cryptocurrency providers (exchange or broker) and select the signal providers. The biggest exchanges are: Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, CoinMama, Bitsquare, Gemini. The seven-step plan of how to do “copy trading” with the STAINETT Wallet The “copy trading” cryptocurrencies is not a rocket science. A customer just has to follow our seven-step plan explained below.

A cryptocurrency provider can be a crypto exchange or a broker. First of all, you need to find good cryptocurrency providers. The list of biggest crypto exchanges is provided above. You can also use STAINETT as your cryptocurrency provider. When choosing cryptocurrency providers you need to consider the provider’s API, the cost of service, the quality of customer service and accessible cryptocurrencies to trade. Security is also highly important to consider when choosing cryptocurrency providers.

After finding your cryptocurrency providers, you need to open your trading accounts. This is usually an online process, quite similar to opening a bank account. The trading account is basically what you need to start trading cryptocurrencies. Imagine again as a bank account, but instead of holding cash on it you can hold cryptocurrencies. The account opening process usually takes several days, but at some exchanges you can do it within one day.

To trade cryptocurrencies, you need to have them on your trading account at your cryptocurrency provider. You can make the transfer from your wallet. If you choose to trade through STAINETT you do not need to open and fund accounts on various exchanges. STAINETT offers you a segregated account that can be used to trade on any exchange listed at STAINETT. When you download the STAINETT Wallet the trading signals will be sent to your wallet and the wallet can generate trading orders for exchanges.

After loading some money into your account, you can start choosing the best trading strategies. You can get inspired by external ideas or you can even do your own analysis. Most of the people do the former, but the latter is more fun and you can can learn more from it. External investment ideas can come from the signal providers in the form of trading orders. The STAINETT wallet offers the list of available signal providers and their particular trading strategies with profit and risk parameters. You can consult the track records, PnL and many other parameters of trading strategies and then subscribe for the strategies that suit best your investment goal.

The collection of trading strategies that you are subscribed for is called the portfolio of trading strategies. Within the portfolio you can manually allocate your funds among the trading strategies or you can use our automatic portfolio optimizer that will calculate the “best” allocation for your funds according to your risk and return investment criteria

You have the funded account, and you subscribed for trading signals. The last step is to choose between the fully automatic trade execution and the manual confirmation of trades. The fully automatic trade execution does not require your constant availability and you do not have to constantly think about trading but you have to rely on the professionalism of the signal provider and the STAINETT system. The manual confirmation of trades does not require trusting anyone, but you have to monitor the market and be ready to confirm incoming trading signals 24/7. In both cases upon the reception of a signal the wallet generates and transmits to a trading venue the trading order which specifies short, long, volume, timing, market or limit order parameters. The market order trades at the actual market price, while the limit order allows you to specify the exact price at which you want to trade an asset. If you have funded accounts on several exchanges the wallet compares prices on these exchanges and executes the order at the best available price.

You are done, your trading orders are executed. However, it is important to monitor your investment. This basically means following your investment strategy. If you bought the cryptocurrency for holding it for a longer term, you might want to collect all the news and information about the coin. For short time trading, the position management could mean only setting up the stop-loss price of where to cut the losses and the target price of where you want to sell the asset with a profit. Usually this information is contained in the signal and the wallet makes its best to follow the trade instructions. Still, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything works as planned and inform the help desk immediately if any anomaly is encountered. The performance of each strategy is constantly evaluated and its statistical parameters are compared to the historical ones. If the wallet spots an important deviation in a trading strategy parameter the user receives a notification. This can be a reason to unsubscribe from this strategy. Although the wallet closes all opened positions for this strategy you should verify that no opened positions are left. Now, according to the Abrahamic tradition, you can have a rest.


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